2nd part of my Journey

My last post was about the start of this advanture and now i should go on telling every moment spent till now, but its a waste of time, few words cant describe the wonderful places i’ve seen, the amazing people i met and the family we’ve made..every moment spend in Greece, was a new memory i will tell one day to my kids..6 weeks of experience that made us learn to be better, to leave with people…

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Cheers for a new life!

Cheers for a new life!

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Hello friends and readers,

I`m back in business, this is the proper phrase to use haha. I was away for a while and for some reasons i`ve stopped writing here.Maybe i had nothing interesting to say, or maybe i had no inspiration at all..anyway..i`m here now and that is all that matters. I`m not sure i want to tell anything about what i`ve done in that whole period i have been missing, but i…

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november sunny dayView Post

november sunny day

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late winter issuesView Post

late winter issues

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